20-22 oktober

- BEER -

Within the Hoxton Docks Timber Warehouse, we’re building a full sized alpine chalet to contain ludicrous amounts of Erdinger Fest Bier. And, as with all great alpine chalets, you’ll find a large biergarten alongside it, although ours is covered so our Hoxtoberfest-ees can gleefully jig around, stein-handed, without the fear of getting soaked.

And if that’s not enough for you (whattaya crazy?), dive into the main warehouse, a live music space, decked out like a traditional Oktoberfest tent where you’ll stumble across the first Berliner Pilsner bar (for East German balance).

Meandering further, take a trip canal side where Fritz Kola will be hosting a Berlin cocktail bar, pairing booze with eye-opening mixers like rhubarb and Mischmasch (look it up).


The legendary Herman Ze German will be on hand to deliver mouth-watering Germanic delights straight from the bratwurst grill:


We’ve flown in Albfetza Oktoberfest Partyband: a group so insatiably committed to creating the ultimate German shindig that they don’t even bother with a space between ‘party’ and ‘band’ (yes, that good). And they’ll playing with the Old Dirty Brasstards, bringing a bit of brass class to the whole dang thing.